Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello to all!!! We are going to discontinue updating the Blog daily as there are few marked changes that are occuring on a daily basis. Mom continues to rest comfortably at home with 24 hour home health aids that assist in all of the daily routines she needs help with. She has not been able to ambulate very much but we have enjoyed taking her on a few rides in the wheelchair around the neighborhood. She has so so so enjoyed that. She still is not able to swallow and is still suffering from the right-sided paralysis. This doesn't give her many of the normal privelages we all have. Your continued thoughts, prayers, visits, and well wishes are truly wonderful for us to share with her and each of you. Please keep her in your thoughts and we will update you as changes occur.


John and Courtney

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  1. Hey Anne,
    I was hoping to go see you today, but when I called I got the recorder. I understand that not everyday is good for company. I have to go back to work tomorrow, but I will try you again in a few days. Please know you are in my thoughts everyday, and that you are still the best nurse I ever had. Much Love, Bunny Q