Friday, January 23, 2009

FRIDAY January 23rd

Mom is up and alert and was resting in her chair. She is slated for a feeding tube to be placed this morning. This is temporary and will not be permanent. She is having this placed to enable her to receive nourishment while she is going thru the phases of rehab here at TGH. She will eventually be moved to the TGH Rehab Facility here on hospital property, which will provide her with continuos rehab and care for the duration it takes for her to gain a full recovery. Her spirits are high and she really wants to get out of the hospital and begin the road of recovery. Your thoughts and prayers are so wonderful and appreciated. Courtney and I both hope that you find this daily update informative and helpful in knowing how Mom is doing... Thank you all...


  1. John, I just tried to send the Antarctic pix to AWMills, and it came back. Love having these updates. We're thinking about our Anne. Love to you both. Heidi and Tom

  2. So happy you created this blog. Hope things are even better this morning. Mom, Dad and I give our love and prayers. I think about you daily.
    Much Love,