Sunday, January 25, 2009

SUNDAY January 25th

Mom has had a few set backs since last report. She has lost her ability to speak and has had some right sided paralysis. She has had another Cat Scan and the reports from that are due back on Monday AM. The doctors suspect that she has had another stroke of sorts or is having TIA's (Transient Eschemic Attacks) or mini-strokes. This is quite common with folks who have suffered a stroke. She is resting comfortably and is in no pain. We are planning on meeting with the Doctors in the AM and making some decisions for her further treatment. Your thoughts and prayers continue to be wonderful and appreciated fully.

John and Courtney

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  1. Dear John and Courtney, You all and your mom mean the world to us. I'm sad to hear of the recent setback and I hope it is something that can be reversed. I did hear, though, that she is still shooting birds with great regularity and enthusiasm, so she is still vey much aware. That is a good sign. I never thought getting "the finger" would give so much hope to so many people! We are sending our love and prayers to surround you. Love, Liz and Larry and all of the family