Thursday, January 29, 2009

THURSDAY January 29th

Good Morning to all the Bloggers... Mom is awake and up in bed after having had a bath this morning. We are scheduled to have an evaluation with the Rehab dept. again today and this will confirm the thoughts that the best place for her is at her own home. We will make arrangements to have 24 hour care for both her nursing needs, as well as, her rehab needs. All of your cards, thoughts, and prayers continue to be a beacon of strength for her. We read the blogs and cards to her every day.


John and Court


  1. Hi Anne,
    The guys have been terrific to post daily updates so we can follow your progress. John couldn't find my email or address but was able to track me down through your email address book, very resourceful! Hang in there and get well soon!
    XOXOXO Susan

  2. Hey Anne, I have been keeping up faithfully with your blog. It is an ingenious way to let everyone know, on a daily basis, how you are. I am certainly glad to know that you are bathing and washing your hair! I'm just kidding, but I know how that does make you feel better when you are in the hospital. Your boys are watching over you like hovering angels. Thank goodness for them. I am proud of them for being so brave these last few weeks. They must get their courage and strength from YOU!! Every day you get a little better - remember baby steps - we are praying for you, and we know your work is the hardest ever. Personally, I need your help with Aunt Anne, you know how hard to deal with she is. I NEED YOU - GET WELL!!! Love you all lots, Liz and Larry and family

  3. Good morning anne. just typed this at another site and sent it three times, but can't tell if you got it so i'm starting over.

    it's 6::45 and raining so can't go to Curves. Got a permanent yesterday at candi's and hair will frizzle if it gets wet. Hope by 7:5 as I head out to Berkeley that the day is drier.

    Hope you're feeling better! I think about you all day. Home will be wonderful! you can complain all you want about the service! haha.

    love ya,

  4. Moms
    I think of you often and wish for your full recovery. I know its hard but hang in there and maybe you can go home soon.
    I contacted Connie and told her about you condition so I am sure you have hear from her by.
    We all love you and pray for your recovery.