Saturday, January 31, 2009

SATURDAY January 31st...

FINALLY..... MOM IS HOME!!!!!!!!...where she has wanted to be from day one. She is resting comfortably and is in GREAT spirits. All of the cards, blogs, and flowers have been such a sweet addition to this trying time. She is accepting visitors daily if you would like to come by, so please feel free. We are all new at this so any time is fine up til' about 5pm. Please use the back door for entrance.


John and Court

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  1. Hey Anne!!!! Hope you have gotten my messages via Anne Mules and Sue.......sounds like taking you home has improved your mood!!!! HOORAY!!!!!! Maybe those 2 feral cats of yours will finally get used to people with all the visitors coming and going! Warner and Stephanie are fine - he had lasik surgery on Thurs in Tulsa and his vision is now 20 x 15 - he is totally happy! She saw her radiation dude last Mon and he said those rashes and hives she will just have to live with for a year or two! When someone can get you to their blog you can see pictures of their study they just furnished this week! Bill flew out to DC this morn and Anna is on Church retreat....I had such a bad hangover this morn I have just gotten dressed - may go see a movie by myself! That's my news......I'll be down soon to see you so get well so I we share Woody's food again!!!!!!!! :):):) Love you! SuSu and Gracie the dog