Thursday, January 22, 2009

THURSDAY January 22nd

We arrived to find Mom up and about sitting in her chair in the room. She has had much more improvement on her speech. She is working with Rehab Technicians to facilitate the ability to be able to swallow correctly, without complications, which would enable her to eat. This may take days or weeks but, we are working every day to achieve this goal.
Today she is being evaluated for the placement of a temporary feeding tube in her stomach. She would then be moved to the Tampa General Rehab Facility here in Davis Island where they would begin the process of working more aggressively with her on exercises that would enable her to swallow. She is in good spirits and really wants to pass the tests and be able to eat.
As we all know she loves a great lunch at Woody's. Thanks you for all the kind comments and keep them coming. She is enjoying hearing from each and every one of you.


John C. Mills, III and Courtney Mills


  1. Hi Anne,
    You are tough and your spirit is strong...
    and you'll be eating before too long at Woody's!
    Please know that I am with you in spirit, to give you a big hug and share a laugh.
    Many many thanks to John and Courtney for this blog. It is important to me to be in touch with you and your family.
    With healing energy and love,

  2. Dear John and Court. This is Connie Newton from Lake Havasu and just heard of Anne's stroke. Please give her a hug for me and an address so that I can send her a note. Love to all from Connie

  3. Anne,
    I will have all the crew on Crystal Symphony praying for you and I will hold a chair in the Crystal Cove in your honor.....Speedy Recovery !
    Love, Barbara Abrams