Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WEDNESDAY January 28th

Moms was fast asleep when we arrived this morning. Her condition continues to be the same. She went for an MRI yesterday and we are awaiting the results from the Doctors. At this point she is still in an unstable state for the active 3 hour rehab they have here at TGH, so the decision on her further care is up in the air. She will be reevaluated for the rehab here. She is resting comfy and continues to enjoy your blogs, cards, thoughts, and prayers....

John and Court


  1. Court and John,
    Laurie Ann just told me about your mom. I was very upset to hear. It sounds like she is in good hands and I am sure your support and love is making all the difference. Please let me know if we can be of any help.

    Lynne Hildreth

  2. John and Cortney,
    God bless you boys for all the atention and care you are giving your mother. I know it makes things a little more bearable for her. Wouldn't she be more cofortable at her home and being among her one surroundings?I don't know but just a thought. Anyway it would be great if all of her friends could just drop by and give her hell.
    Thanks for your attention ,Just know there a lot of friends that have grown up with her and wish her the best. Thanks, Don