Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday 21st January

Todays Report :
Mom is up and about and showing much improvement. Her speech and ability to talk has gotten tons better. She is working towards being able to pass the swallow test which will enable her to eat. She is slated for rehab on a daily basis with a Speech Pathologist. More updates to come....At this time we are asking that there be no visitors. Her rest and recovery is most important. Thanks for all the responses and posts... We encourage any and all of you to write on the Website as she will be able to see your comments each and every day...
John and Court


  1. what is up with your mom? sorry i could not call you back the other day....slammed here !

  2. Hi Anne! Sorry I can't come by today but hope you're doing well! CYA Soon! Melody

  3. I'll be following your speedy recovery, Anne. Tomorrow I head to Miami but I'll keep up!
    Mary Frost

  4. Anne-
    It sounds like you are doing better, and I am so relieved. I look forward to the email where I hear you are giving John s*&t about something, signaling a full recovery.

    It's been far too long since we emailed--and I thought of all of you over the holidays. I was in San Francisco with family. It was weird to be on dry land! The first time since the big Y2K! It's been ass cold here in MN all winter and December was a real joy with either sub-zero temperatures or snow every day.

    I'll keep reading and look forward to hearing about your progress.
    Love and hugs,

  5. Annie, I am so distressed about your stroke but am glad you are making progress. The part about not eating is a bummer! Thank your precious sons for notifying me (us) about you and providing updates. You know I love you and you are in our hearts and prayers. Do what the docs tell you!! You have MANY fans who are pullling for you!! Love you lots, Your old friend in Birmingham, Kay Shackelford
    Andrew joins me in sending best wishes